Perennial Health Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine practice previously located on the central California coast. Owner Emily recently moved to Portland, Oregon, prioritizing treatments in the field of women's health.

With core values rooted in welcoming, empowering, and connecting with clients, their brand vibe is: Natural, Minimal, Soft, Clean, and Textural. 


Emily and I first worked together in 2022, when she was launching her business, Perennial Health Acupuncture. At the time her business was located in central California, and we worked on branding that had an ethereal, floral, and natural feeling based on the surroundings and name of the business (perennial flowers).

Fast forward a year or so, and Emily moved to Portland, Oregon. There are a lot more competitors in Portland vs. California and Emily wanted to find new ways to stand out among her competitors. Emily was also looking for turnkey branded social media templates so she could manage her business more efficiently.



As I moved into the creation of the overall mood or "feeling" that the brand would give through colour, I kept in mind the key feelings of warmth, inviting, and soft energy. 

The vision started with earthy orange, a strong but not overpowering blue, and accents of fresh green, and off-white.


We worked together to find areas where we could refresh her branding through colour to pop among the other health & wellness practices in Portland. I got to work and thoroughly researched Emily's competitors, looking for areas where she could stand out among the crowded health and wellness space.

I selected a welcoming, warm and nature inspired palette that resonates with Perennial Health's clients, the brand's integrity, and stands out among competitors.


I presented 3 concepts to my client, in varying forms of the strategically selected colour palette and branding materials. After presenting these initial concepts to my client, I was tasked with providing additional options to ensure that this was THE direction that will last long-term. After my client reviewed additional options that were a little more edgy, the initial design concept was approved. 

Sometimes it takes seeing the things you thought you liked mocked up to confirm that the best direction for your business is the one the designer methodically selected for you! It is all part of the process. The final selection is a warm orange that is welcoming and optimistic, accented by a blue that is both grounded and tranquil.

My client is now empowered with revised branding that allows her business to stand out, and attract the people she is looking to help with her services. Her social media planning is now seamless when accompanied with easy to fill templates that are on brand, and attractive to people who need her in their life. 


Dr. Emily Sferra, Owner Perennial Health Acupuncture

"Working with Jess was a dream come true for me as a first-time business owner; her attention to detail, her thorough and communicative process, her excellent ability to apply feedback, and just her overall talent and demeanor made the investment well worth it. I felt confident she was invested in making sure I loved the end product, and it made all the difference!"