My dream certainly didn't start this way, and I'll tell you why...

From a young age, I always felt like I was a creative at heart. In my early adult years, and for a number of reasons, I chose a career in law enforcement, thinking that I could help people and make a difference. Fast-forward 13+ years and I was left with an irreversible traumatic injury.

My time away gave me clarity, and allowed me to return to my true passion, design. I dove in and learned as much as I could from leaders in the industry and additional training programs. My talent and skill for brand and web design now helps me create high-impact, timeless designs my clients will love for years to come.

Hi there, I'm Jess

I started my own design business and created an offer that allows other women and service-based business owners the opportunity to present the best version of themselves through branding.


The most paralyzing moment of my life. I shut down after multiple traumas and severe PTSD sustained while working as a police officer. I worked very hard with therapists, and began to return to my passion for design. 


I dropped out of University so that I could start my career as a police officer


Born in a very small town, I grew up learning to work hard for what I had. Taking on a lot of responsibility at a young age has made me the strong woman I am today. 


My Journey..

If you're going to invest in branding your business, you deserve to do it with someone who gets you, and supports you.

My price points are based on a number of factors including experience, results and time invested. First of all, I take time and have patience in working with you to ensure that your design is headed in the direction that is the very best for you and your business. Next, I use my design experience to meticulously curate your branding for the best results. Lastly, we implement your elevated, completely custom brand that is true to you and your story. Your brand will represent the best version of yourself and tell your story in the most professional manner. You will gain industry recognition, trust, and be able to grow your business seamlessly. 


I will be here every step of the way to walk you through the brand and web design process. Once we launch your new branding, you will have access to me for any questions for 30 days via email.


Absolutely! At a minimum, you want your branding to be cohesive on all platforms to build client trust, which leads to sales.

are your packages suitable for new businesses?

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you felt like you're doing well, but you aren't at the level you deserve to be at? Maybe you are there and you just don't feel like it because your branding is feeling basic AF. The transformation from basic branding to a brand that will leave you competitors jaws on the floor is where you need to start. Your branding will align with your current values, business goals, and STAND OUT! This helps you attract your dream clients because you will be oozing confidence, and that boss energy that everyone will be talking about. 


This depends on which offer you've selected. For full branding identity and custom web design, you can expect it to take 4-6 weeks (each) to complete.

how long will it take?