Waves Tofino is a luxury vacation rental located near Chesterman Beach in Tofino, BC. Tofino is well known as one of the top surfing locations on Vancouver Island, and a luxurious, yet down to earth getaway for couples and families looking to escape their busy lives in the city.

The owner, Jeff, came to me through a referral as he was looking for a website designer with a love for the island and an appreciation for the location.


During my first meeting with owner, Jeff, we went over the property and the needs for the website design. The main purpose of the website was to be a landing page for the property, providing a feel for the property, the area, and a brief guide of what to expect.

We collaborated on the design direction and wanted the website to be clean, earthy, and have a distinctly elevated “island vibe” much like the luxury hotels in the area like Pacific Sands and Wikaninnish Inn but with Waves Tofino’s own personal touches.

As a luxury vacation rental, having a landing website that stands out helps to sway potential renters that their location is THE spot to stay. Many visitors often return annually to Tofino for their vacation, and that is the demographic that Waves Tofino is securing for the future. We wanted to represent the people who appreciate the land, sea, and atmosphere of Tofino in the essence of this website.



Jeff sent me a bunch of inspiration that was in line with the direction I was thinking for the Waves website, and we quickly determined a design direction from there.

A luxurious off-white, deep ocean blue/green, and black palette create a natural and serene aesthetic, much like the ocean and landscape that surround the property.

Imagery of the coastline, beaches, forest, and property are key elements.

For font selection, I researched modern, luxury fonts and found an excellent accent font for titles. For the main copy of the site, I went with a classic sans serif: Montserrat.


For the initial concept, I began building out the home page of the website using filler text and imagery to give a feel for the website aesthetic and vibe. I found stock imagery that represented the Tofino area.

Using stock videos or imagery is common practice when clients are seeking out professional photos, or the business is not completed or built yet. Once professional photos are available, I always recommend my clients swap their imagery in place of stock images.

Once the home page direction was approved, there were minor revisions to copy, with my assistance in the delivery of the messaging throughout the site to keep everything consistent. 



Once the home page was approved, I built out the remaining website pages and added in concept images of the property as it was not completed yet.

From there I made sure that the copywriting was flowing throughout to create a seamless user journey through the site from start to booking. This included the placement of buttons and call to actions that show potential vacationers where to go!

As this site is a landing place and telling a story, that was the primary focus of the design and flow of the site. The calls to actions come naturally for booking your stay after reading about what the property and area has to offer you.

My client had a clear idea to include some scrolling video images on the home page. I suggested places to purchase high-end stock videos while awaiting a professional photographer and videographer to capture Waves Tofino.

After my client provided me with their chosen journey images, I placed them in the main section of the home page for a natural flow and to grab the attention of visitors.
The site is now integrated to book through a property management agency, and provides new and returning customers find what they are looking for while experiencing a unique user journey that only Waves Tofino can provide.


Jeff Bartlett, Owner Waves Tofino

“If you are thinking of creating a website or possibly rebranding your site, Jess is your answer! She’s an incredible listener, artist, and technician! A rare find!!!!”