So, how many brand logos does your business really need?

Can’t I just get away with the same OG logo I’ve been rocking since the beginning? The simple answer: Your business needs to have more than one brand logo. It is not enough to have a single brand logo with your imagery, business name, and tagline all in one place. It’s overwhelming. People want simplicity! Especially if we’re talking about the digital space. You want to be recognizable and have something memorable that is easy for people to remember!

Let’s dive into your business’ brand logo essentials, and logos you may want to consider adding to your logo suite.

The holy grail of logos (the ones that are non-negotiable)


Lake House Physio + Therapy Primary Logo Design by Hanbury Design Co.

Although it is called a primary logo, it may not actually be used that often! Your primary logo is your main identifying visual, and is often in landscape format. It is the logo that often has the most information, including details about the business, established dates, etc. It can be used as a website header, and for things like business cards if you are not creating a new design for your business cards.

This logo is often where inspiration for your other logos is drawn from, and is the basis for your visual identity (what people recognize about your business).


K2 Developments Secondary Brand Logo Design by Hanbury Design Co.

Secondary brand logos are often a simplified form of your primary logo, in horizontal or square format. This makes the primary and secondary logos easily interchangeable for different uses in your branding and marketing. This logo can be more abstract, with fewer details about the business itself, keeping it minimal and easy to remember.


Lettermark Brand Logo for Perennial Health Acupuncture by Hanbury Design Co.

The brand submark is likely to be your most used brand logo in your branding identity. It can be a number of things, but is often derived from the primary logo, and placed into a simple form that can be used for smaller spaces. If you primarily on social media for your marketing or sales, this logo is your most used and most identifiable.

Your brand submark can be used in a number of places, including your social media image, website footers, stamps, letterhead, and more! This simple brand logo identifies your unique business, while not being so overwhelming to your users.

If nothing else, make sure you have a submark! It’s what people really want to see and will identify with!

Additional brand logos to consider:


Hanbury Design Co. wordmark logo design.

Wordmarks can be derived from your other logos, and are clean, minimal representations of your brand. They are often one line and reflect the business name. Wordmarks are trending more and more, but are also timeless. They are great for things like website headers to keep your design is modern, minimal, and clean looking. Some famous wordmarks can be found here.


Hanbury Design Co. lettermark design for soial media logo.

Lettermark logos are similar to wordmarks logos in that they are simple and memorable. They often reflect business initials, and are perfect for smaller places like stamps, stickers, and social media logos, where large logos would lose their readability. Much like the wordmark, lettermarks are trendy but timeless. Some famous lettermark logos can be found here.


Starbucks emblem hanging above awning.

Badges or emblems are great for things like packaging, stickers, or stamps. They are an extension of your brand in it’s simplest form. Your brand badge will accent your business and be identifiable on a day to day basis when people use or receive products.

This is where you can add some personality and have fun with your branding! Show off the creative side that keeps people coming back for more and engaging with your brand 🙂


YSL monogram logo

Monogram logos have been around for a long time, meaning they will stick around a long time. They are highly identifiable and often made from brand lettering. Think about brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL, etc. They all have monogram logos. Some more modern businesses with monogram logos on their packaging to check out are Merit, Saltyface, and Rare Beauty.

The addition of a monogram can also be used in place of your submark for more variation & longevity of your brand!


Apple symbol logo on storefont glass.

Symbol, or pictoral logos, can be found in some of the biggest brands in the world. Apple, The Playboy Bunny, and Target all have pictoral logos that have translated into their branding identity. Some of the simplest symbolic or pictoral logos have become the most famous in the world. They can also be used for small businesses as an identifying mark that represents your business.

Think about custom illustrations that represent the name or meaning of your business. Could you create a brand surrounding your pictoral logo?? The answer is: Possibly. This will depend on your brand, messaging, tone of voice, and strategy. This is best left in the hands of a brand designer 😉

In Summary…

Whether you are just starting out, or are tired of your own branding because you DIY’D it or it no longer serves your business, hiring a brand designer will save you time and money. The purpose of a brand designer is to give you a visual identity that suits your needs now, and down the road.

Aside from your visual identity (logos, colours, fonts, imagery), a brand designer will look at your business objectively, audit it, and look for opportunities you may not be able to see. Once you have a strategy in place to implement your visual identity, the magic happens.

In the end, there is no guess work, and you are left feeling confident that your business stands out in the best way possible. You can focus your efforts on running your business and the million other daily tasks that consume your time. Leave the heavy lifting to the designer – that’s what we do!

If you want to invest in your business value, book an appointment to discuss your branding with Hanbury Design Co. today by inquiring here.

Jess – Owner, and Leader Designer at Hanbury Design Co.

July 11, 2023

How many logos does your brand need?


- Nuala, Owner of Surfs Inn Vacation Rentals

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