K2 Developments is a custom home builder based on Vancouver Island, Canada. K2 builds custom, high-end homes in the Cowichan Valley area and wanted to refresh their branding.

K2 has been building homes in the Cowichan Valley since 1989. With communication and transparency at the forefront, K2 Developments prides themselves on delivering homes on time, and on budget.


K2 has been building homes with integrity since 1989, and it had been many years since their website and branding were refreshed. Owner Peter came to me with a clear vision in mind for a branding and website refresh that aligns with K2’s current and future business goals.

Taking elements from the original logo, we updated the design to have a modern and high-end feel. This is in line with the designs of many of the homes that K2 has built in recent years, allowing the brand to stand out among their competitors.

I created an entirely new website in line with the branding and kept things clean, bold, and easy to navigate for current and future clients. With easy access to a client portal direct form the K2 website, the user experience is clear and simple for current and future clients. Together we created a lasting brand that is still recognizable, and will be around for many more years.



Starting with some bold accent colours to test the waters, we quickly moved the creative direction to a more editorial and high-end feel. This is in line with the direction of K2 for their current demographic, as well as future business goals.

An editorial style of crisp, bold, and modern typography/brand elements, along with a classic black and white palette were the chosen direction. Imagery of K2’s projects includes contemporary and west coast homes. This was considered in the creative direction decisions and pairs well with their current project work.



K2’s logo has been around for decades, so I did not want to mess with it too much. The plan was to modernize and simplify the logo while keeping the original “K2” as part of the design.

The logo on the left is the original logo, in a green/gray colour. Before working together, their only logo was a horizontal logo, which does not allow for variations for things like social media.

By adding a more modern line art style house that surrounds the K2, and adding a bold, block-y sans serif font, the logo took on new life. From there I presented my client a number of variations of the new logo in square, horizontal, and social media friendly layouts and sizes.


The branding refresh took approximately 6-8 weeks and in the end, we decided that it was best to keep black, white, and one beige accent colour. This best represents the new editorial style of the brand and brings it above and beyond the competition.

Revisions were minimal, with the removal of one accent colour that took away from the more crisp and modern style that the black and white emulate on their own.

Once the branding identity was approved, the website design was completed with the same design style and copy to match the historic messaging of K2, that has built trust over many decades of custom home builds.

A stand-out portfolio with testimonials from happy clients that have worked with K2 shows their commitment and will sway future clients to work with them.

Finally, I designed a print ready brochure that can also be sent digitally to prospective clients. The brochure provides many details about K2’s values, mission, client testimonials, their process, and project images. There is still a place for brochures, and in this case K2 now has all of the tools to land more of their ideal clients.


"Great job Jess! I am very happy with the new website and brochure for our business. It is a huge improvement and I am very proud of what you created for us. Thank you!"


Peter Greenway, Owner K2 Developments