Brand Photography encompasses the look and feel of your brand in the form of photographs and/or videos.

Professional photos will set you apart from the competition 1000 x over. Unprofessional, random, raw photos can be fun on your personal Instagram page, but they do not work for a visual representation of your business!

You want to do you business justice. Investing in a brand photography session is one of the best places to start. Taking photos on your iPhone can do the trick in a pinch, but not when it comes resizing for things like your website header.


Once you have a portfolio of brand photography to choose from, it makes it very easy to implement into your brand website, social media, and marketing.

Branding is one happy family of elements that come together to create a cohesive, consistent message that sells to your customers. Brand Photography is one of the first items you should invest in, along with your branding & website. The photography investment is low in comparison to the rest of your business costs.

If I know you, I am betting the cost is a deciding factor! This is especially true if you are just starting out in your business. If you find a local photographer in the mid-range a one-hour session is approximately $300-500. This all depends on your location, availability, and the experience level of your photographer.

Once you’re ready to book your branding photography session with a local photographer, refer to my brand photo session preparation list here:

  • Pick a brand photographer that you are comfortable with, and make sure you have reviewed their portfolio and reviews before putting down a deposit and signing your contract. The best way to find a brand photographer is on Google or Instagram. Search “Brand Photographer + Your Area” and see what pops up. Keep in mind that the best photographer for you may not be the top ranked one on Google!
  • Prepare an on-brand mood board with images that will connect with your audience and represent your brand message. Ensure the photo shoot vibe is going to have similar lighting, filters, and style. For example: If you are an edgy, earthy, desert aesthetic brand and want to be bold, make sure that your imagery is set up in that context. If you are not near a desert, think blank space with minimal props and outfits that represent “the look”.
  • If you are doing the brand photo shoot at home, choose props that are on-brand and make sense for you to have/use. Example for an Interior Designer: Swatches, Mood Boards, House Plans, office, desk, etc.
  • Get comfortable posing and practice (even if it makes you cringe)!! Take some videos and photos on your phone and see what angles work for you. It will make your session that much easier and a lot less stressful. Most people don’t love having their photo taken, so you are not alone!

Jess is a custom website designer and story-driven branding designer based on Vancouver Island, Canada. She is the owner of Hanbury Design Company. If you are interested in design services or learning more about her story, CLICK HERE!

April 24, 2023

What is brand photography, and why is it so important?


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