It’s no secret that drag and drop website platforms have gained major popularity recently. So, why do I choose to use Showit to design websites for my clients? It’s easy, Showit is number one and I am going to explain why.

You may be asking yourself: What does drag and drop even mean??

It really is just like it sounds. Drag and drop means you can drag your elements (photos, logos, text, shapes, etc.) to where you want to see them on your website. In Showit, guides and alignment tools make sure that your elements line up and are cohesive on your site. The addition of locks allows to your lock to edges across pages. For example, if you want to have an image scroll across your the header of your home page, you can lock it vertically and horizontally in place. This creates major visual impact! Queue the heart eyes…

Okay, let’s get to your next burning question.

Do you need to learn code to use Showit?

The answer is no! You won’t be intimidated when you use Showit. The software is very intuitive, with easy to use tools.


Customer Service

Showit’s customer service is unmatched if you ask me. The Showit help team is available inside the design app. The response time is consistently great, and they will walk you through any issues that arise. They also have a huge resource of online tutorials to learn everything you need to know about Showit.

I recently sat on GoDaddy’s chat for half a day trying to get DNS settings removed for a client’s new site to launch in Showit. It was a painful experience!!

WordPress Blog Integration & SEO tools

If you have an existing WordPress blog, it will be transferred over to your new Showit site. If you are starting a new blog with your new site, it is super simple to post your blogs when you go live. Wink wink, nudge nudge…Blog pages are included in my custom templates and website designs! A huge bonus: The SEO tools directly inside your WordPress Blog portal clearly show you how to make the most of your posts by optimizing keywords and data.

The Design Library

When you subscribe to Showit, you can easily update your website or add on new canvases (sections) in the free Showit design library. When you drag the designs to your site, you will be prompted to use your own brand colors & fonts. They will load to your site with your personal branding!

Next, let’s move onto something I know you’re all curious about.


You do not need to know anything about coding to use Showit. You can design your entire website within their App, and make changes at any time. If you need to update your price list, simply swap in your new info and hit the “publish” button!

So, what else do you get with Showit?

Regular Updates

One thing I love is that we ask, and they listen. Showit continually adds updates that make it easier for designers and business owners to use. It is refreshing to have a business that takes recommendations from their peers and takes action. Their updates roll out and all you have to do is refresh your browser to see them go live!

Finally, I want to get into the best feature…


You can use the Showit app on your laptop anywhere with a solid wifi connection. The app allows you to access your website and make changes wherever you are in the world. As an avid traveler, I am sold on the flexibility Showit offers. I know, no one loves working on vacation, but if it can be quick and easy, I will gladly take it!

I know you will love Showit as much as I do, and I want you to be able to take control of your own website the way my clients have been able to.

Ready to give it a go?

If you want 14 days of Showit Free, click the link here:


Wait, what if I said you could get another 30 days of Showit for free? Every HDCO website template comes with an additional 30-day Showit subscription for free!

Jess is a custom website designer and story-driven branding designer based on Vancouver Island, Canada. She is the owner of Hanbury Design Company. If you are interested in design services or learning more about her story, CLICK HERE!

April 18, 2023

Why I choose Showit for Website Designs!


- Nuala, Owner of Surfs Inn Vacation Rentals

"Jess takes the time to do do her research on your brand, and produce a product that represents beautifully. Her designs are modern, and esthetically pleasing. As a business owner with a full schedule, she was very accommodating!"


“Jess created a logo, typography and color scheme for my new business and was a dream to work with. She works in depth and is incredibly thorough in her process, making sure to get to know you and your business, as well as your vision."

- Dr. Emily Sferra, Owner of Perennial Health Acupuncture


"If you are thinking of creating a website or possibly rebranding your site, Jess is your answer! She’s an incredible listener, artist, and technician! A rare find!!!!"

- Jeff Bartlett, Owner of Waves Tofino


"Great job Jess! I am very happy with the new website and brochure for our business. It is a huge improvement and I am very proud of what you created for us. Thank you!"

- Peter Greenway, Owner of K2 Developments


"Jess's attention to detail, intuitive design style, and customer service has been outstanding, from start to finish. I have, and will continue, to recommend Hanbury Design Co. to those looking for a quality product."

- Brittany Smith, Owner of Vamp Cosmetic


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